Goring Gambit

Goring Gambit is very interesting and aggressive opening against 1.e4 e5, someone says that this opening is not good for high level players… but what it means? Wolrd Champion, titled players,club players? I had very good result with this opening in my chess tournaments, it’s a surprise and is very hard for black find a good way to have a good game. I hope that my videos can help you to master this opening in your games!

The position that you see below is the standard position about the Goring Gambit, so we will study it by this position!

I made a video series about this fantastic opening in 10 lessons, you can see the playlist here.

About Goring Gambit Series :

Videos 1-4  Goring Gambit Accepted

When black accepts the pawn and he takes on c3, black will be a pawn up but white has a very strong compensation for it because he has a good advantage about the development in a open position

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Videos 5-7 Goring Gambit Refused (d5 variation)

In this case black refuses the pawn to avoid all the complications about the accepted variation, the most important variation is the push d5 to play against the isolated pawn

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About good players, here my game against the International Master Burns-Mannion from Scotland.