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Hey there, my name is Alessadro Santagati. I'm the founder of the AS Chess School.

I consider chess a school of life, it’s a wonderful game that helped to improve my rational thinking. I started to play chess at 11 and I never stop it.


An Exciting Adventure at the 2023 Italian Absolute Championship Semifinals

The semifinals of the 2023 Italian Absolute Championship were an unforgettable and educational experience. I faced talented opponents and proved to be a force to be reckoned with Now, with the finals on the horizon, I am ready to give my all and uphold the honor of my Sicilian homeland in the world of chess. I conclude the tournament with a performance rating of 2377 Elo and more than 40 points earned.

Italian Youth Championships 2023: The Triumph of Sicilian Young Talents!

Discover the triumphs of young Sicilian talents at the 2023 Italian Youth Championships in Tarvisio! Read the article to learn about the remarkable results, players’ dedication, and the significant role of Sicily in the competition.

Preparatory Stage for the Italian Youth Championship: An Unforgettable Experience in Catania

Discover the engaging preparatory stage for the Italian Youth Championship, which took place at the Sigonella Inn in Catania FM Alessandro Santagati, chosen as the accompanying coach by the Sicilian Chess Committee, shares the excitement and experiences of this unique event, offering valuable strategic advice and recounting the extraordinary performances of the young chess players. An unmissable opportunity to immerse yourself in the competitive and promising atmosphere of the youth chess world.

Minor pieces Endings

When we talk about "minor pieces" we mean bishop and knight. I made a very interesting series about the knights ...

Hopton Attack

A very interesting way to play against the Dutch is the Hopton Attack, it's characterized by the move 2.Bg5 ...

Goring Accepted

The first four videos about the Goring Gambit Series talk about the "Accepted Variation", a very important player that played ...

How to study Openings

There is a big debate about the study of the opening. Study or not to study it? The truth lies somewhere in between, it’s obvious that it is necessary to know the opening strategy, but the deep and the mode to study it depends on many factors as level, age, style, etc.

Live tournaments

Practice it’s important, and more the quality of the practice. We can play chess at home with friends, online, in a chess club; these are all good ways to do the practice. But the best way is to play live tournaments; the competition will help you make bigger progress.

Analyze your games

In chess, practice is the key to success. But only if we learn from the practice! To learn from the practice, we must analyze our games; you can do it alone or using online tools. However, the best way to understand your mistakes is to hire a chess coach.

Online Coaching

Have guidance is another key way of success. With my experience, I help my students in which areas they have to work and show them the key mistakes to avoid. With online coaching, it’s straightforward to learn from your home, make a study plan, and review your lessons.