Goring Accepted

The first four videos about the Goring Gambit Series talk about the “Accepted Variation”, a very important player that played this variation is the World Champion Mihail Tal , he played a very nice game against Russel in 1999

In the first video you can see the variation with Bb4, the idea is block the knight on c3, with will develop his pieces and will do a very big pressure against f7.

In the second video we go forward with the variation Bb4, and we focus the study about this position

In which black moves d6 to allow the Nf6, white must play to attack f7!

In the third video about the series, we see the push “d6” immediately , so the position to study will be this

black idea is castle quickly, again white will make pressure against f7

The fourth video talks about the variation Bc5

and about the variation “h6”



Did you finish to learn about the accepted variation? We can go to study the variation refused 😀

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